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November 3, 2008
A Pre-Election Day Message from Mojo and Nat!
It's election time...The Crew was all set for the "jengalection" this morning between Obama & McCain contestants. The Obama Aaron showed with a homemade Obama t-shirt and the McCain contestant was a "no show." Aaron was then sent out on to State Street to get 101 honks for Obama...the mask looked so awesome on him that
it was given as a parting gift to Aaron along with front row seats to see Rodney Carrington in January.

The excitement looms over who will be chosen to be a correspondent for the Rocket in LaLa land to see Motley Crue. Several of the e-mails from Crue fans were read on the air early and then five contestants were picked to come in on election day to pine for the trip. They are: Vinnie Borrelli; Holly Frasca; David Alloway; JoAnn Pritchard and Amanda Prischak. Find out who will be headed to the Palladium on November 14!

The Red State Update was on the air with their funny southern banter. Jackie Broyles and Dunlap said it would probably be fun to vote drunk tomorrow and just hit any button. They encouraged these voters to have a designated driver to the polls or walk for that matter. They also made a reference to wanting to see Elizabeth Hasselback and Sarah Palin do a nude news hour. Get there brand new DVD in stores now or at their website. It's titled "How Freedom Sounds."

On election day...get set for the interviews for the Crue trip and Jimmy Dore on the show with his political humor after 8am!
Get out and vote tomorrow peeps...and get your free cup of java from Starbucks and a dough dough from Krispy Creme!!
Posted by Rocket 101 at 9:43 AM
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