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October 31, 2008
A message from Mojo, Nat and AC...before they leave for the weekend!
Rocktober 31, 2008

Happy Halloween gouls and goons! Make sure you get out and enjoy this exceptionally scary evening with the Crew..It's the Cellblock and buck shots from 10-midnight!
Make sure your have an "exceptional" costume and you could have yourself some treats which are green if you know what I mean!

What a hell of a show today! The Crew allowed Nat to bring her favorite cd from her Jeep Compass collection to kick off the show with instead of the Peanut/Butter Jelly
song. It was Michael Jacksons "Thriller." AC got the nod for the best monster dancer...maybe it's because he's 6-4 and bald! He also rolled his eyes alot like a typical

The Haunted Halloween Band set up all the "goulish" instruments in the studio conducted by the "brilliant" Trevorstein and his lovely Lindsay Vendracula and sang, get this, "Thriller" (HA HA) "Spooky" and the Crews favorite, "Mojo's Rash"....which we all agreed Moj has indeed used the little comb in his single days. The Rocket house band will be back in the studio on the Eve of Thanksgiving...the biggest party day of the year for yet another stellar performance.

Wow, the phones started ringing off the hook when the Crew realized that they completely forgot about the Rocktober getaway. So Nat pulled a name out of her cauldron...better known as her canning kettle and big congrats went out to Keith Ryan who is on his way to see AC DC in concert in Toronto and also that great weekend at the Peak! Keith was out of control...what a way to kick off his Halloween!

Jr.'s Last Laugh headliner Chris Coccia and feature Kyle Erby can in to a crowded studio and added to the "yucks." Coccia, whose from Philly boasted about the World Series and felt bad that he wasn't going to be able to join in the parade and looting today. The Crew quizzed him on why Philly fans a "boo" at everyone including poor
Santa. What's up with that?? You can catch both of these great comics tonight and tomorrow at Jr.'s. Shows are at 6:30 and 9:30.

On Monday...the pre-election show, or as Moj says, "the pre-erection" show will kick off with the Red State Update. The southern dudes are hilarious! We've also have
those front row seats for Rodney Carrington to give away and we have two dudes who are going represent McCain and Obama, masks and all and will play a game of Jenga...yep...it's Jengalection. Also, Nat puts down the McCain and Obama poop papers in her bird cage...the Prez elect with the most poop will be declared the winner
on Tuesday! "It's a political movement that really counts."

Make sure you get it done in that costume tonight and report your "weenie" stories to the Crew Monday morning when all will be o.d...ing on Health Ledger Bars,
Whoppers and banana only...Laffy Taffy...lub ya Willy Wonka...where's our golden ticket!!
Posted by Rocket 101 at 11:27 AM
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