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ROCKET Morning Crew
October 30, 2008
From the desk of Mojo, Nat and AC!
It was a busy pre-Halloween show! The most
exciting news on the show today is the fact
that the crew is giving away an awesom trip
to LaLa Land to see Motley Crue. Just log
in on the website and get all the skinny for
one cool rock show at the Palladium.

It is the final day of Rocktober and Nat will
be lugging in her "cauldron"...the one she
cans tomatoes with to choose the winning
name for that trip to to see AC/DC in Toronto
and a relaxing trip to the Peak tomorrow.
Remeber that you only have ten minutes to
call back in to win!! How ridiculous it would be
if you qualified and missed out on this one!
Don't be that LOSER! Be by the radio or listen
live on the web at 7:20am!

With dat dare Sarah Palin coming to town today,
we heard the spoken word of John Mccain. He actually
did the spoken word to Ozzie's Crazy Train. Be listening
to the best of Moj & Nat Saturday morning for all kinds
of "funnies"on this years election including Barack's
spoken word.

AC was thrilled about the interview with Joel Hudgson this
morning from Mystery Science Theatre. The two geeks
shared stories about their favorite episodes and such.
Joel gave out the 20th anniverary box set to several Rocket
geeks. If you weren't lucky enough to win then get your
hands on this masterpiece at shoutfactory dot com or
it is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Be the
envy of all your geek buds!

The Ringling Brothers Circus is in town tonight thru Sunday
and the crew had the pleasure of interviewing Vincenta Pages,
one of the world's youngest wild animal trainers. She is indeed
the lion tamer...and a sexy one at that! Seats are still
available for tonights 10 buck performance and the kiddies can
trick or treat tomorrow beginning at 4:30...showtime 7pm.
The Crew wanted to know what ticks a tiger off...all Vincenta
said was..."you must remember, they are not pets."

Get set for a kiss ass Friday show...on Halloween to boot!
It's Junior's Headliner Chris Coccia on the show after 7am.
Chris is called the busiest comedian in the business...who
has entertained American bases in Korea, Japan and Guam.
His schtick is all about his life...Rocktober comes to an end...
someone gets to see AC/DC in concert in Toronto...NO TRICKS
HERE...well...the crew will take your "treats." They are all
about "free food."

Finally, thanks to Fr. Tom for our one and only Halloween card
sent to the Crew...It said, "On Halloween, remember that pure thoughts,
good morals and clean living, all make for a good life."
Open the card...."your all goners"...except for Miss Natalie!
Posted by Rocket 101 at 10:38 AM
From the desk of Mojo, Nat and AC!
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