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December 3, 2008
Happy Hump Day!!!

Happy Hump Day!! It's another day to give out a pair of AC/DC tickets to yet another lucky listener. Today, the Crew played a version of "Hell's Bells."
Congrats to Allison who called her brother while we played "bells" in the background and he, after much prodding finally questioned the sound of the bells.
Tomorrow its another pair out the door!! Be listening to win!

As the Holidays get closer, the Crew stumbled across the ten STUPIDEST gifts for Christmas from Stupid dot com. Some the Crews faves...

1) Pole Dancer Alarm Clock: When the alarm goes off, a plastic erotic dancer spins around a mini stripper pole. $25.99
2) Obama "Yes We Can" Opener: Yes, its actually a can opener. $5.99
3) Men's Underwear Repair Kit: When the going gets tough...the tough fix up their dirty, old tighty-white-ies! $9.99
4) Wasabi-Flavored Gumballs: Delicious?? $3.99
5) Potty Putter: Why read a book on the crapper when you can practice your golf swing! $21.99

Tomorrow on the show: It's a Pucked Up Thursday...including free beer!! More AC/DC tickets out the door....and the Crew has the top ten movie characters of all time!
Posted by Rocket 101 at 12:13 PM
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