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November 24, 2008
It's the BIGGEST party day of the year!!!

It's Moj McKay's Turkey "fun" facts: The first Thanksgiving parade was held not at Macy's but at Gimbles in 1920. The first turkey in space was eatin' in 1960 by Neil Armstrong and crew. They also had all the trimmings with that spaced out dinner! This week, Americans will roast 45 million turkeys, about one sixth of the entire year's turkey consumption. Had the Indians given the Pilgrims a donkey during the first Thanksgiving, we would all be getting a piece of ass...at least once a year!

Well, this is a nice and pleasant holiday message. It's scientific fact that we Americans OVEREAT during the holidays. I mean, think about it, we overeat all the time, but it's even worse over the next month. And that overating eventually leads to PLUMBING ISSUES. A latest poll finds that more people search for plumbing businesses and services in November and December than any other month. In fact, those two months make up 36 percent of the plumbing searches for the year. The bright side here: Not all the plumbers are called for toilet issues. Some get called because of people clogging up their sinks and garbage disposales while they cook holiday meals.

For legal reasons, the Crew got their hands on a Beatles tune that we could only play via phone. Melvin and Candy were on the line ready to hear this exclusive music
clip...oops...they were Nat Rolled! It was just a clip of Nat's irritating laugh looped over and over again. Both were given tickets to see the Otters on Thanksgiving nite.

Enjoy the best of Moj & Nat tomorrow morning as the Crew gets to sleep off their "hangovers"...and you can laugh out loud while cooking the bird!!
Posted by Rocket 101 at 12:13 PM
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