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November 13, 2008
It's your 'it's almost the weekend' update from Mojo and Nat!
WOW....how exciting that the Crew finally has their e-mail up and running on the show! Now you can chime in while listening online. It's so easy and we enjoy your
input...even if includes a few not so nice pics...you know who you are!

The show kicked off with a recent article stating that women have more "cooties" than men. Researchers at the University of Colorado have found that the average person has 150 different types of bacteria on their hands at any given time and women actually have MORE bacteria on their hands than men. This certainly doesn't help you folk with OCD! Researchers say that they really don't know but it could have to do with the fact that men have more acidic skin and that kills off some of the bacteria.
Another theory is that all the creams and moisturizers women use on their hands attract more bacteria.

Amanda Prischak, the Crews Motley correspondent came in studio this morning to get her final instructions as she leaves on Friday for California! Her bag of goodies included 3 rocket thongs, a fake bloody knife, condoms, hand sanitizer (which she thought was lube), a pair of rocket mens undies for her guest, and of course, her very own rocket tee!

Comedian Larry Weaver was on the show to pimp his new Funny Employee Awards e-book. Its 101 professionally designed and funny awards that can be printed, framed and presented at your next company party!! It's avalable online at funnyemployeeawardsdotcom. If you'd like 6 "freebies" to download and we know you like your freebies, use slash radio after the website. Here are some examples:

The Heinz ketchip Award: For always making others wait.
The Jeff Gordon Award: For racing away from work the fastest.
The Loch Ness Award: For the least likely to be found
The Baryshnikov Award: For the most skill in dancing around the issues.
The Houdini Award: For the ability to escape from any bind.

Guess what...tomorrow is peanut butter jelly time! Don't forget to have your "ears" on when the Crew announces a "huge" concert announcement at 7:20am! Which will be followed up with a "win it before you can buy it" tixs next week. It's Junior's Headliner Bill Hilderbrant after 7am! He regularly performs his comic routine at the Riviera Hotel in Vegas!

Start getting tanked so you can be "hung" over like the crew Friday morning!~
Posted by Rocket 101 at 10:11 AM
It's your 'it's almost the weekend' update from Mojo and Nat!
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