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October 29, 2008
Mojo, Nat and AC mid week update!
The Crew was at Sherlocks/Park Place on North Park
Row live with the Paranormal Society as they set up their
"ooglie-booglie" machines to see if there were any
truths to the many years of stories that the joint was
haunted. Carey and Patrick, from the "ghostbusting"
team discussed what their team has been up to
and the machines they were using to pick up EVP's...
electronic voice processors.

Mojo put our very own EVP's together and the haunting
sounds were hilarious. Processors heard sounds like:
Friction; dudes playing beer pong, a ghost asking that
someone change the urinal cakes; someone saying
Jager Bombs; The Stabilizers and an apparition saying
"skanks at the bar."

Seriously, the paranormal crew will now take there
"real" readings and inform the crew if there is indeed
any funny things going on at Sherlocks/Park Place!
By the way, do you have something strange in your
neighborhood? E-mail the "real" ghostbusters at
paranormalsr.com!! The ghostbusting show ended with
Nat, again for the fourth year in a row, going into the
scary confines of the basement to investigate. She got
Mojo all excited when she found hundreds of cases of
cold beer and some cannisters of "funny gas."

Dat Dare Sarah Palin is coming to Erie tomorrow
afternoon dare peeps! Mojo suggests that Nat take
her snowmobile drags trophy down to the Bayfront
Convention Center to show dat dare Sarah Palin!
Get your tickets to the gig at the republican headquarters
because you need one to get in dare to see the Alaskan
governor. She's on dat dare stage at 4:15pm.

Tomorrow is the final day to qualify for the huge Rocktober giveaway.
You need to be caller 7. As Nat would say, "good luck
everybody." It's also the last day to get tickets to see
Rodney Carrington before you have to pony up some loot!

The circus is in town...the circus is in town!! The exceptionally
hot Lion Tamer is on the show. The boys can't wait to meet
Puss-n-Boots...It's Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Joel Hodgson
via phone and the 20th Anniversary box set will be up for grabs
for all our "geeks." Keep the Faith...goblins
Posted by Rocket 101 at 10:56 AM
Mojo, Nat and AC mid week update!
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