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December 4, 2008
Mojo and Nat's Thursday update!

What a Tersday!!! The news wheel was out in full force as Nat had to follow its lead on all her stories! The wheel will be a part of the news until further notice according to the director of the show...a one Mojo McKay! One of the stories that was spun up was about Ken Barnes, part of the Pizza Bomber fiasco that put poor Erie, Pa.
on the map! This story led to a casting call for the players in the Lifetime movie and our listeners were more than happy to chime in. Here we go:

Brian Wells: Gene Wilder; Dustin Hoffman; Kevin Spacey; The Headless Horseman; PhillipSeymour Hoffman; and Stephen Wright.
Margorie Diehl-Armstrong: Kirstie Alley; Kathy Bates; Tommy Chong; Gary Busey; Charlize Theron; Rosie O'Donnel; and Queen Latifah.
Brad Foulk: David Caruso; James Cromwell; and Christopher Walken.
Bill Rothstein: John Goodman; Brian Poeshn; Jeff Bridges; Denver Pyle; and James Lithgow.
Dear Guy in the Freezer: Heath Ledger; Bernie Mack; Patrick Swayze; and Gilbert Godfried.
Ken Barnes: Dr. Bunson Honeydew; Nick Nolte; and Ron White.
Hal Linden: Joe Weindorf.
State Cop: Barney Fife.
Mojo: Hugh Laurie.
Nat: Reese Witherspoon
A.C.: Vin Diesel

What fabulous picks!! Thanks to all the listeners who contributed to this Oscar winning flick!

The Crew gave another pair of tickets to see AC/DC at the Melon in January. Congrats to Autumn who played the F-Bomb game. She had us call her significant other
Timmer and her task was to get him to say the F-word. She called him and said that she got a call from the gas company and they were coming to shut them off due
to not paying the bill. Timmer dropped the bomb quicker that you could wink! They are both off to the show courtesy of the Crew.

Tomorrow on the show: It's Friday and we're all jumping for joy on this one!! Find out who will win the last pair of AC/DC tickets...It will be a "pole waxing" like you've never heard before. On after 7am, it's Junior's Headliner Dan Cummins...don't miss it!

Brandy and eggnog out!! (p.s. They have "light" eggnog according to the "Hat.")
Posted by Rocket 101 at 12:13 PM
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