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ROCKET Morning Crew
December 1, 2008
The return of AC/December!

Happy AC December!!! The Crew has your tickets all week long for AC/DC's show at Mellon Arena in January. Congrats to JoAnne who finally had the winning answer in the game Assbackwards...It was AC/DC's "Stiff Upper Lip."

Out of the box today, the Crew had an absolutely hilarious story out of Jersey...On Thanksgiving night, police responded to a burglar alarm at PNC Bank in Montgomery Township, New Jersey. The cops saw a person inside through the bank's front window so they sealed off the area and evacuated three nearby buildings before trying to make contact with the bank robbers. But after using bullhorns and making several phone calls to the bank, the robbers still hadn't responded. So after a few hours, a SWAT team entered the bank to take out the robbers, only to learn that the "bank robber" they'd seen in the window was actually a cardboard cutout!

Another interesting story...A new survey from the Institute of Condom Consultancy in Germany has found that French men have the largest junk of all European men
with an average member 6.09 inches long. Greek men have the smallest junk of all European men with an average unit size of 4.92 inches! By the way, there's a new condom on the market called Condometric Condoms. They have a ruler printed right on the side of the prophylactic so you and your lady will be able to see exactly how big your junk really is.

Tomorrow on the show...it's another Tfer Tuesday!! It's comedian "David Crow" on the show with his latest Comedy Central Gig info! More tickets to see AC/DC as AC December continues!!
Posted by Rocket 101 at 12:13 PM
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