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November 24, 2008
Your Monday Update

It sure feels like a Monday!! The Crews draggin' butt like so many others today...though it is Thanksgiving week and we all can't wait to have a day off...after the biggest party nite of the year!

It's the 8 most stressful jobs: Here's the top five...5) Firefighter; 4) School Teacher; 3) Accountant; 2) Doctor/Nurse; 1) Retail Sales Person. Here's to Black Friday!

The controversy continues: white meat or dark meat?? The Rocket audience has spoken and the winner is...apparently there is a tie in this controversy. For some reason, bear hunting became the topic of conversation because today is indeed the first day of bear season. The Crew wanted to know how bear meat tasted and some dude called in to tell us that bear sausage is awesome!

Not a great news story....A new study has found that 70 percent of men who ride motorcylces have experienced bladder control problems...and erectile dysfunction. And the older you get....the more you're at risk. More than three in four, or 75 percent of motorcycle riders in their 40's have had bladder issues and trouble getting it up....compared to just 37 percent of guys who don't ride a motorcycle. 93 percent of motorcycle riders in their 50's have experienced "severe erectile" dysfuntion.
Nat wanted to know if those who use jackhammers have the same problem????

Tomorrow on the show it's Friction as they get set for a big show at Rainbow Gardens on the biggest party night of the year and also listeners will be asked some of the odd ways they've cooked their bird!

Posted by Rocket 101 at 12:13 PM
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