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December 2, 2008
Your Twofer Tuesday update from Mojo and Nat!

It's Double Shot Day!! It's another day of AC/DC ticket giveaways...Eric, Shirley and Chris all came in studio to untangle the morning show lights that will be displayed in the studio. Shirley clocked in at 3:07 seconds and won! Chris took a close second at 3:09! Eric took a distant third. Tomorrow its a round of "Hells Bells." Find out how you can get in on this one just by listening after 7am!

Comedian David Crow was on the show! He's got a Showtime special coming up called, "Crooked Finger." It premieres on Thursday night.

The Crew gave out the holiday office party do's and don'ts....Don't...bring an uninvited guest...overindulge...talk shop...or gossip or tell off color jokes.
Do...bring a guest if you can...get to know your boss and your boss's boss...dress professionally...keep things light and fun.

Tomorrow on the show...get set for "Hells Bells." It's Bob Zany's "Alone at the Movies." This week Bob reviews the new Bond flick Quantum fo Solace.
Get all the skinny on the best and worst Christmas toys this year!

It's eggnog time!! Rocket morning crew out!!
Posted by Rocket 101 at 12:13 PM
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