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November 18, 2008
Your daily update from Mojo and Nat!
It's a chilly Tfer Tuesday! At least today we didn't have to clean off our vehicles and shovel our butts out! Out of the box, the boys were trying to find out if Nat should travel to Dubois to see the Strong Vincent Colonels high school football team. Several fans of the show called in to let Nat know what she could do while in Dubois.
One dude said there's a great bar called The Hitchin' Post with cheap rooms out back just down the street from the stadium. We also found out that there are 6 Sheets in which AC was just pumped to hear about and said he was moving seeing that he loves Fizz City. Another call came in to describe the Harley shop there. Apparently there is a really cool urinal in the men's room that has a set of ape hangers that you have to grasp in order to flush the thing...interesting!

It's your "freebie" Crue tickets...It was a round of what in the hell is that! The winning noise was the fake Nixxi Sixx being brough to life! Congrats going out to Gene who said his wife will be stoked, she loves the Crue! By the way, a call came in early about some dude that said years ago there was a fake Nikki Sixx in the projects and he thought he was the full meal deal...he apparently even went swimming with the imposter. This was one of the funniest calls the Crew took in which the fake Nikki even met his Grannie in his red Duster! It's a live interview with the real meal deal, Nixxi Sixx and Mick Mars tomorrow morning at 7:40am.

Tommorrow is Hump Day! Find out what thrilling topic Nat will toss out. Also, it's another pair of Crue tickets and an interview with Nixxi Sixx and Mick Mars.
We also continue our Tanksgiving gas giveaways...get fifty beans in your tank!
Posted by Rocket 101 at 9:37 AM
Your daily update from Mojo and Nat!
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