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The buzz was on! Some really slick dude bought WHYP in North East and was getting set to launch a new radio station!

The radio market was getting prepared for another FM...the question being who is this guy and let's hope he loves to rock-n-roll!

For an entire month 100.9 played nothing but the Beatles...and then the Rocket was launched!
I got a call about joining Rambaldo Communications soon after the classic rock station Rocket 101 went live. I had trouble finding the joint out in North East. The "slick" dude that was interviewing me was a one Rick Rambaldo. Rick was the most energetic (that's an understatement) man I ever met in the business. I had been working for K104 at the time in middays and was promotions director.

Rick, while smoking one Basic after the next offered me a morning position with Kris Earl Phillips & Big Steve as well as a part-time sales position. I jumped on board knowing that this station was right up my alley...I was a huge fan of WMDI! Kris Earl was the one that coined "Nat the Hat."...because I was always covering up a bad hair day!

As time went by, I ended up in the best radio slot ever...middays! I prefer to call it "bankers" hours in the business! I had the classic cafe and rocked the masses from 10-3pm for several years. Thanks to Rick, I launched a great career with some of the best radio announcers in the business. He had us pound the pavement, shaking the hands of all the listeners and kissing the babies. When we said "we are everywhere" that again is an understatement!

I just loved working with Buckethead, Weasel, "Cruisin' with Van Dusen," Deb Ireland, Kris Earl and all the others that I cannot now remember due to all the head bangin' and "other" things through the years. Finally, I was asked back in early 90's (I think) to work with Mojo in the morning and it's history. The Moj & Nat show was off and running...Mojo has outlasted my first marriage!! He is by far the best in the business and I have tons of great memories that would take an entire book with many edits to produce!

I can only think "what a long strange trip its been"...I love my Moj and Ron (the "Klinester") who have traveled this galaxy of the rocket with me. Ron is to be commended for all his years of dedication to Rockets continued success and it never ends. His Rocket anniversary internet page is truly awesome!! I have the most respect for Ron, and he certainly has aged well. I'm really glad that he isn't wearing those round wire rim glasses anymore. Thank God for laser eye surgery!! Then there is my "radio soul mate" Moj who now kicks it out with two fake hips...and it's been a laugh a minute with the addition of AC on the show! Most importantly, you the listener have been there through thick and thinning hair lines...thank you for 20 years of great memories...and putting up with my laugh!!