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A Message from Rocket 101 founder Rick Rambaldo
The Story Of Rocket 101 Begins...
The year was 1989. I was working at a Top 40 station in Baltimore, MD. I heard that a guy in Erie, PA. was looking for a Program Director to start a new station he'd bought. I thought it sounded like an interesting challenge and I really wanted the opportunity to build a station from the "ground up". Little did I know how factual that phrase was going to become.

I sent my resume to Rick Rambaldo. He called me the next day and asked if I'd like to interview for the job. SURE!

We made the arrangements and I flew to Erie. Rick picked me up at the airport. I was kind of surprised because I figured he'd have someone on his staff meet me. I had no idea that I was about to become his "staff". The only other person in the building was a lady by the name of "T.J.". She was the receptionist, bookkeeper, future Traffic Manager and all-around "girl Friday". Read More...

The First Line up
  • 6am-10am Kris Earl Phillips & Steve Bohen
  • 10am-3pm Kevin "Captain" August
  • 3pm-7pm Dave "Afternoon Dude" Sharp
  • 7pm-12md Paul "The Glove" Spinley (aka Van Dusen)
  • 12min-6am Amy "The Famous Amos" Huffman

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The Rock N Roll Jury

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Mojo proposes to his
Girlfriend on Live TV- at 6:40AM!

The Rocket Dancer works it

Rocket Grows...
The Morning Shows...

Rocket Today
I was hired at ROCKET 101 in October of 1990... I'll never forget my first day. The drive to North East seemed to go on forever. I remember the station owner Rick saying, "Turn right at Vineyard Oil...can't miss it". Well I did, adding my own flaw to his theory. Read More... Coming Soon: