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Erie's Best Beater
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Title: Erie's Best Beater
Description: Thanks to everyone who sent in pics of their best beaters for Mojo & Nat's "Erie's Best Beater" contest. Check out the beaters here and make sure to VOTE for the one you think should win some awesome "pimp your ride" prizes!
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Rocket's Best Beater
I am submitting my husbands truck for your clunker contest. As you can see in the pictures it has rust everywhere, and in the one picture it is actually leaning. Yes, its the truck thats leaning, not the driveway!! It needs a new exhaust..its basically rigged somewhat so he can drive to work in Erie. And it really does "clunk" as you drive down the road because of a spring that is broke. HELP US!!!
Erie's Best Beater
Erie's Best Beater
Erie's Best Beater
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