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Title: Bottoms Up
Album: Here And Now
Title: Burn it to the Ground
Album: Dark House
Title: Gotta Be Somebody
Album: Gotta Be Somebody
Label: Roadrunner Records
Title: Shakin' Hands
Album: Dark Horse
Label: Roadrunner
Title: Something In Your Mouth
Album: Dark Horse
Label: Roadrunner Records
Title: This Afternoon
Album: Dark Horse
Title: This Means War
Album: Here And Now
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1. Heaven Knows      
2. Torn to Pieces      
3. Fever      
4. Drown      
5. Lightning Bolt      
6. It's About Time      
7. This Means War      
8. Painkiller      
9. Take Out the Gunman      
10. What If I Was Nothing      
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